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Managing Your Team


The team manager is an important component in creating the flow of communication, not only with the team (players, parents & coaches), but between the Divisional Managers, other teams, referees, officials, and the Sooke Minor Hockey Association.  The role of team manager can be complex and thus organizational skills, tact and courtesy are essential qualities.

By taking on the operation aspects of a team, the manager enables the coaches to focus on player development and on-ice instruction.  The manager may also act as a coordinator within the team if there are other parent volunteers involved (ie-treasurer, safety person, phone person, etc.).  The manager reports to the head coach. 

Once teams are chosen, if you are interested in becoming a manager, submit your name to the coach.   
1.  All Managers must have the Respect in Sport Course which can be taken on-line by clicking on this link. Be sure to complete the bench staff RIS and not the parent one.
2.  All Managers/Coaches/Safety or anyone else involved with the team must complete a criminal record check.
3. All parents wishing to enter the dressing room with their child much complete their Respect in Sport Course and criminal record check.

Regarding the Respect in Sport Course.  SMHA will reimburse the cost of this course for those directly involved with the team ie. coaches, managers, safety once completed and copy of receipt and certificate is turned in to the treasurer.  Coaches courses will be reimbursed by SMHA only after the course is completed, ie-the homework portion as well. 

Basic Manager Duties:
1.  Team Meetings
2.  Volunteers/Delegation
3.  Team Rules/Safety
4.  Organizing Games (ie-timekeeper, scorekeeper, referees)
5.  Applying for Tournaments
6.  Organizing Travel
7.  Team Activities
8.  Complete game sheets and ensure the game sheet is delivered to the game referee at least five minutes before every home game.
9.  Liaise between coaches, parents, divisional managers.
10. Contact Donna Perman (Website Manager) for a login and ID to update your teams information/stats/schedule/etc...

Excluding the first couple weeks of hockey, with a stable ice schedule it is my expectations that all teams will need to give 72 hours notice in order to hand back ice.  Less than 72 hours it is up to the team manager to find a team to fill the ice slot.  If it goes blank then the team should have to pay for it.  With a two week ice schedule being posted there really isn’t any excuses.
We are carrying a lot of ice on the weekends and with 17 teams it is difficult to fill at times.  There is enough ice on Saturday for 8 games plus practices, minus the Int Novice teams, we will need 60% of our teams occupying the ice every Saturday.  Now I know some teams are more eager than others about finding away games at the last minute, however we need to be mindful that we need to fill the ice we have rented first.
In saying that it is important that the managers of each team keep me informed of all away games as soon as possible so I can schedule around those games.

Please email the ice allocator at least 72 hours prior to the ice slot being returned
Team Jersey List Jersey From Coaches/Managers please complete the attached form and collect a $150 cheque for each child.  The cheques are made to Sooke Minor Hockey and post dated to April 15, 2014. Jerseys not returned by then, or which have been damaged by negligence/poor care will be deemed purchased and the cheques cashed.  This is required prior to any jersey's being dispersed.
Team Registration Form ie: Roster This will be provided to you by our registrar. Once team is formed and manager/coach/safety positions are filled contact the registrar by email :
These have to be provided to your commissionaire by October 1st for Rep divisions and October 15th for house divisions.
Medical Information Sheet Medical Forms This needs to be completed by each player on the team. These forms need to accompany the safety person to every game and practice in case of injury. One copy should be kept at managers residence and second copy should be kept in sealed envelope for confidentiality. Please only carry sealed copies to games and practices.
Player Code of Conduct Player From Every player must read and sign the code of conduct. This should be kept on file by the team manager.
Parent Code of Conduct Parent Form Each parent must read and sign this code of conduct. This should be kept on file by the team manager.
Coaches Code of Conduct Coaches Form Each coach and assistan coach are required to sign this code of conduct. Your VIAHA commissioner may request these forms from you.
RCMP Consent Consent Print this and bring to the Sooke RCMP Detachment.
RCMP CRC Criminal Record Check This form needs to accompany the above form as well.
Volunteer Letter Letter Take this form along with your application to the Sooke RCMP Detachment. If you live in Colwood or Metchosin you must apply at the Westshore RCMP (but you will still need this form)
VIAHA Game Report Game Report Form This form is to be emailed to the appropriate Division Managing Director within 24 hours of game completion for both home and away games.  Home game score sheets must be postmarked to the appropriate Division Managing Director within 72 hours of game completion.
Game Numbers   Managers are required to get game numbers for every home game from their divisional commissionaires including exhibition games.
Injury Report Injury Report Forms This form must be completed by the Safety person, and attached with Dr.s note (if applicable) then submitted to the VI Branch of BC Hockey, a copy should go to SMH Risk Manager, and keep a copy for your records
Injury Report Log Injury Log To be completed by Safety person. This will be the only record you have to track any injuries.
Return to play Return to play Form This form must be completed by players physician and turned into Risk Management prior to the player returning to the ice.
Return to Play Information Return to Play Information  
BC Hockey Special Events Sanction Online Form To be completed and approved for ALL off-ice activities, including dryland training, and any fundraising events that involve the team. Should an accident occur during your event, and you don't have prior approval you will not be covered under insurance. Please complete this form online and submit electronically.

Miscellaneous Manager Information

Hockey Canada Managers Manual
Team Manager Check List
Game Check List
First Parent Meeting Outline
Equipment Checklist
List of Tournaments
VIAHA Handbook
VIAHA Policy Manual


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