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From Joe McDonald, VI District Director
I have been asked a question regarding injured minor hockey players being allowed to be on the game bench? I have researched out a response from the risk management side of things and I feel that it is worth sharing with each MHA.
Question - If a player was injured in a previous practise or game and that particular player is not dressed as an on ice participant for a game due to injury, can he or she be allowed to go on the game bench ?
Response - There is currently no BCH policy covering this aspect, however, I would like to refer you to the Hockey Canada Safety Program. This same type of question was also discussed by the BCH Risk Management Committee at an earlier date.
Each teams safety person will be equipped with information regarding the co-ordination of removing players from action and subsequently co-ordinating their return to play. Below are points that must be considered:
- the primary goal and duty is not to make a decision whether a player can return to play but rather to ensure the safety of the player as your top priority;
- safety must be the top priority and protection of the player from further injury is essential; this may mean referring to proper medical authority for approval and release to return to the ice and or game bench;
- it is strongly recommended that players removed due to serious injury or illness, obtain and be cleared by a physician before they are allowed to return to the ice and or game bench;
- players are much more at risk to re-injure themselves in the injured area or another area because of lack of conditioning and mental preparation;
- a player should not return to play (on ice and or game bench) unless they can demonstrate appropriate skills in the practise situations. Remember, you want full function and return to previous fitness level and skill level before participation in a game (which includes the game bench).
I hope that all MHA's will be following this protocol.
Joe McDonald
V.I. District Director

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